Approved Calor Gas Agents


Propane gas bottles are available in a range of sizes and are ideal for a range of heating and cooking needs including BBQing, commercial catering and caravanning. Whether you are looking for a new gas bottle, or want to make an exchange, we have the right bottle for you.

Calor Butane gas bottles are available in a range of sizes and whether you're a new customer or looking for an exchange, Butane gas bottles are perfect for all of your camping, caravanning and portable heating needs.

The 6kg Calor Lite is Calor's innovative Propane gas bottle, designed for the caravan market for a more compact and portable solution for transporting gas bottles and reducing the noseweight of your caravan. The Calor Lite weighs 50% than the standard 6kg Propane gas bottle and is an ideal gas bottle for caravanners everywhere. 


Carbon Dioxide, Mixed Gas 60/40, Mixed Gas 70/30 and Mixed Gas 50/50.  Supplied in 10 litre and 20 litre bottles.  Please note montly rental charges may apply.  Please ask at time of enquiry. 

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) for lager

Mixed Gas 60/40 CO2/Nitrogen Mix for Lager
Mixed Gas 30/70 CO2/Nitrogen Mix for Ales and Stout
Mixed Gas 50/50 CO2/Nitrogen Mix for Lager and Cider

Images used are for information purposes only.  We are able to supply various bottle sizes.  We can also supply hoses, regulators and good old fashioned advice.  Please ring us now to discuss your requirements.   

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